The PomeroyGroup Team

Tom & Go

Thomas Pomeroy

Owner / President

The history of the PomeroyGroup begins in 1974, when Tom Pomeroy concurrently became an insurance broker in the Employee Benefits insurance field while continuing dual professions as a multi-talented artist. He has mostly concentrated on life and health insurance and set up the company to bring creative thinking and practical solutions to businesses across the country throughout his very unusual career. Hundreds of clients from many Companies all over the country have utilized Tom for advice on creating individualized self-funded benefit plans as well as fully-insured plans answering the specific needs of the client’s requirements. His abilities at setting up very competitive plans with the largest insurance carriers became legendary. Tom Pomeroy as President and CEO of the PomeroyGroup is an unparalleled broker who provides leadership to the entire enterprise. His knowledge, decade’s old relationships with our clients and insurance carriers, creative ideas and our excellent negotiations of renewals and one of the most experienced staffs in the country can handle virtually all of your insurance benefits needs. With over 40 years of creating and designing custom benefit plans to fit our clients’ budgetary needs, we understand the various challenges that benefits can create and cost your company. We develop strong partnerships with our clients based on trust and ability. We listen to your concerns, research your current benefit structure, and then execute creative solutions for every detail within your benefit program.

Our goal is to provide solutions that will create a better benefit plan for your company, simplify your administration and lower the costs associated with every phase of your overall program of benefits, so you can concentrate on the growth and success of your company.

Barry Goldstin

Sr. Consultant

Barry has been a consultant for Pomeroy & Associates for more than 22 years. Barry specializes in employee health benefit plans for groups of all sizes and industry’s. He researches and secures the most comprehensive and cost effective insurance for our clients. Barry is a master at matching plans that are tailored to each company’s specific insurance needs. The plans will include health, life, dental, vision and disability insurance.

In addition, Barry has assisted hundreds of our individual clients with their personal life, health, dental, long term care and disability insurance.

More than 15 years ago Barry also began to assist our clients as they transitioned into Medicare. Barry has explained the benefits to both employers and employees that moving from a company’s group insurance plan to Medicare is extremely beneficial for both. He has explained the benefits and
complexities of Medicare A, B C &; D to over 200 clients. He has advised clients as to the various options needed to cover the expenses that Medicare does not cover.

Most important to Barry is “the follow up” after an insurance policy has been selected. The ongoing service and communication provided is as important as the insurance plan itself.


Mark Doonan

Director of Information Technology

Mark has worked with the PomeroyGroup for 17 years. Mark was born and raised in Arizona and is currently living in Mesa with his wife Kay, his son Devin, 4 dogs, 2 cats and a tortoise.

Mark is an Information Technology leader that brings 28+ years’ experience to the PomeroyGroup, defining the vision, strategy, and implementation for infrastructure, enterprise storage, end-user devices, servers, security, and telecommunications. His technical experience includes network engineering, systems administration, LAN/WAN administration, data management and security, access control installation and management, video surveillance, and project management. Okay, now that we have told you about all of the cool things that he can do which makes him sound real smart… in addition to all of those abilities – Mark also creates virtually all of the proposals for new business and renewals. He also lays out, prints and keeps up to date all of the Plan Documents that we create at least once a year. Mark is responsible for most of the equipment purchases and vendor relationships. In addition to these areas of expertise, Mark does so many more things for the PomeroyGroup that keeps the place running very efficiently and smoothly – indeed so smoothly that it basically would be correct to think if you don’t know who created, fixed, acquired or drafted something – well that’s because Mark probably did it.


Lupe C. Contreras

Director of New Business & Enrollment

Lupe has worked with the PomeroyGroup for twenty-one years.  Lupe is a lifelong resident of Arizona, and was a Paralegal prior to working in our Group.

Lupe is married to Sara Contreras, a High School Teacher and has 3 Children, Lupe. Jr., Violeta and Amalia and he also has two dogs Dallas and Cowboy.

Lupe works with various departments on New Business and also handles all of the yearly open enrollments for our clients here in Arizona and around the Country.  Lupe is bilingual in Spanish, which helps out a lot with all of the open enrollments.  He also tries to relieve the pressure on issues our clients face. He also helps educate the employees of our wide and varied client base that we insure.  As our employees need to have a very broad-based understanding of the problems that our clients will experience in the future. The knowledge that her provides to help assist in the understanding of the client's benefits that's being offered to their company.  Lupe considers it to be his day-to-day duty to help our client's employees be more knowledgeable with their specific offering of benefits - and he stays communication with all of our clients employee benefit needs and reviews their benefits several months before the plan anniversaries from the current year and shows the direction of the future. And sometimes he will recommend staying or changing from the current plan based on a complex analysis of their benefits and costs and whether or not the insurance carriers are making their best efforts on our client's behalf.  He always tries to work as effectively as possible to be able help out the Human Resource Department of our clients with some of the more difficult issues that they may face between their employees and the Insurance Companies that offer the benefit plans. He also often assist with the many changes in the laws Federally and on a State by State basis as he is often their primary link in this ever changing legal picture.


Lisa Freeman

Strategic Account Executive

Lisa joined the PomeroyGroup in January 2019. Prior to joining the PomeroyGroup Team she worked closely with Tom Pomeroy for 4 years from the Carrier/TPA perspective.

Lisa brings 28+ years of experience.  She has hands on experience in Human Resources in which she was responsible for the Health & Welfare and  Defined Benefit plan administration. She has a wealth of knowledge and specializes in self-funded benefit plan arrangements, strategic planning, marketing and financial reporting.  She is also well versed in fully insured and level funded medical plans, dental, vision, life, disability, voluntary and work-life products along with HSA’s, HRA’s, FSA’s, COBRA, and 5500 IRS filings.  

She has worked with customers in many industries such as hospitals, restaurants, manufacturing, construction, school districts, public entities and more.  She is very service oriented and strives to exceed customer expectations. 


Dora Mercea

Strategic Account Executive

Dora Mercea graduated from Arizona State University and joined Pomeroy & Associates in 1996 as a Strategic Account Executive.  Her primary role and responsibilities is to handle the day-to-day client needs, customer service, and benefit implementations for all lines of coverages.  She handles services for different sizes of client's and industries. 

In her role, she also provides support with the daily business operations for Pomeroy & Associates.  She has been recognized in the “Who’s Who in Business” for 2015 and 2016 by Republic Media.  Having lived across two continents, she speaks two languages.  Her interests include healthcare, AI, politics, British art and pulp fiction.


Niccol Walsh

Insurance Agent

Niccol has been a licensed professional since 2006.  Niccol is licensed in the state of Arizona, and holds licenses for health & life insurance. Niccol enjoys serving the community and individuals with their health insurance needs.  She specializes in helping individuals on the Exchange.  Niccol prides herself on treating clients like she treats her own family. This is the key to strong and long client/agent relationships that are built on trust, honesty and integrity. Product knowledge and client understanding are two very important factors for Niccol. Her goal is to customize coverage for you and your family to avoid a large financial risk, while using the best rates available. With access to the best Health Insurance carriers, Niccol is confident she will place you and your family in the best plan for your needs and budget.  


Eric Stucki


Eric Stucki has been with the PomeroyGroup over 8 years, prior to working with the PomeroyGroup Eric was the Controller at Trident Plan Administrators, owned by Mr. Pomeroy’s friend and consultant Peter Ranke. Since moving to Phoenix Eric had worked for companies specializing in inter-airline accounting.  Eric moved to Arizona from Kansas City, MO where he had been employed for 6 years at TWA in the inter-line accounting department.

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Jason Monczka


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